ground instructor refresher course

CFIs recommend our course for its cost, convenience, and challenging content. The general learning objectives for the Flight Instructor Refresher course are: Establish and maintain professional credibility; Maintain and continuously improve professional knowledge and skills; “Instructor attendee(s), instructor(s), and ground instructor(s)” are individuals attending the FIRC who are currently either flight instructors and who are doing so to renew their flight instructor credentials or, for example, in the case of a ground instructor or a part 141 chief instructor, are attending the Aircraft -- airworthiness, maintenance, and inspections. (iii) A graduation certificate showing that, within the preceding 3 calendar months, the person has successfully completed an approved flight instructor refresher course consisting of ground training or flight training, or a combination of both. The following outline details course content and learning objectives. The paperless CFI renewal service is available for $24.95. flight instructor giving pilot, flight in-structor, or ground instructor ground or flight training; (c) Completion of an approved flight instructor refresher course and receipt of a graduation certificate for that course; or (d) An endorsement from an author-ized instructor certifying that the per-son has demonstrated knowledge in the For just $429 you get top quality ground instruction, on-line course manual (printed version available), immediate updates on FAA computer exam questions, in-person instruction which teaches content first, then answers test questions, personal attention in small groups – … Our tablet-friendly eFIRC allows you to complete the course on your own time. enVironment - airports, airspace, air traffic control, and weather External pressures -- decision-making and risk management. (c) Completion of an approved flight instructor refresher course and receipt of a graduation certificate for that course; or (d) An endorsement from an authorized instructor certifying that the person has demonstrated knowledge in the subject areas prescribed under § 61.213(a)(3) and (a)(4), as appropriate. There is no syllabus or set content for that. The most trusted choice in the business. ASI's Online FIRC. I have used the Jeppesen program in the past, but am open for suggestions as to which courses … Sporty’s offers free online Flight Instructor Refresher Course. This course will cover the basic knowledge required of a private pilot to pass the Private Pilot Airplane written exam, and will prepare you for your flight training in an actual aircraft with your flight instructor. These topics are subject to change as we are continuously improving our course. Hi, So my CFI is up for renewal, and due to my full-time job, I didn't sign off enough students in the past couple years to qualify for automatic renewal so I am looking at online CFI renewal courses. Ground instructors may also receive a graduation certificate to meet the recent experience requirements. The CFI Revalidation weekend ground school course is offered once a month at each of our six school locations. Upon course registration, access to Sporty’s eFIRC is available for one year free. I suggest you contact either a local Flight Instructor or one of the ground school ATOs to discuss your requirements. renew your flight instructor certificate For those of you who want to dedicate a weekend to just get it done, American Flyers’ 16-Hour classroom program is designed for you. 2020 Private Pilot Online Ground School. This course organizes the review of regulations and advisory material into four categories: Pilot - your responsibility as PIC. (2) attend an instructor refresher course, within the validity period of the FI certificate; (3) pass an assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935 , within the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the FI certificate. I have not seen remote refresher training for CPL or CPL(H) and suspect this would need to be done ad-hoc/as a special case. Training & Safety CFIs Flight Instructor Resources CFI Renewal. 1.

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