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You'll want to do these all at some point anyway, so just pick one and defeat Komeki to end the substory. Interact with him and he'll explain how he makes so much money. She tells Kiryu that she's wearing red clothes. Majima will hear some commotion outside and goes to investigate. Sayuri is one of the characters in Yakuza 0. Reward: Sunburst (Weapon)As you make your way down Nakamichi Street, you should notice a group of people standing in a queue. Interact with it and Majima will line up for some food. You'll learn that not only is the cult leader taking money from these chumps, but he has his pick of the women too! Note: It's recommended that you bring plenty of healing items with you for the next part. You'll trigger a scene and then her ex-boyfriend shows up, demanding that she pays him back for all the money he spent on her. The guy here is obsessed with one of the girls in the video and he asks you to watch it with him. Go near them to trigger a scene, accept the challenge, and beat him in a dance battle. You can ask whatever questions you like, but make sure not to hire him. save. Reward: Broken M1985 (Weapon), Li Leung (Security Guard)Enter the Kamuro Shopping Area and head south along the main path. Starting Point: Approach him, and if you have a telephone card on you, Kiryu will show it to him when he asks. Make sure you pick "Point out the Inconsistency in Her Statements" followed by "Summary and Signature Dishes" when given the option. This is the guy who you've been looking for and you're his next target! She tells you that she's wearing purple clothes and has long hair, but when Kiryu arrives at the meetup spot, he will spot two girls matching that description. Reward: N/AGo all the way south on Pink Street (near the save point) and you should see a guy in black clothing standing there. Once you arrive at Ashitaba Park, talk to the man in the black suit and accept his offer. Tell her you are and she'll take you to Cafe Alps where she attempts to sell you AH-HA Water. After this, the substory will end. Accept his request and you'll have to make some choices. Starting Point: SunshinePrerequisites: This substory triggers automatically once you complete all of Hibiki's special training. Also the description on her boyfriend discovering all the Yakuza game was perfect. Guess it reminds me of when I would bitch and whine about Mother 3 and such. Reward: Pears x3 (Item), Shizuku Hasegawa's Gandhara VideoGo to Sotenbori Street East, and just outside Kani Douraku, you'll see a man and a woman standing around. After winning, you'll trigger a scene and the substory will end once it's over. This ends the substory. That substory is available a little further on in this chapter, so don't worry too much about doing this right now. Fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima. If you complete "Stadium Jumper Strut" (Substory #58), you'll receive the Encounter Finder accessory which will mark his location on your map, making him easier to find. You'll find Yusuke standing around, so go up to him to trigger the event. Go to the Hotel District, and just behind the batting center (the road on the right), you should notice a man standing there. Kiryu assumes this must be Sayuri's mother and asks her if she is, but to Kiryu's dismay, it's actually Sayuri herself. Talk to the boyfriend who believes his girlfriend is selling her body and agree to go investigate. Nah, PC inputs are for suckers. The substory ends after the conversation and this unlocks Officer Kikuchi as a friend. As you're walking down Shichifuku Street, you'll overhear a couple having an argument. He'll then tell you to leave so he can perform some "special Shooreh Pippi" with Iori. Just as he says that,Youda enters the office and tells Majima that a strange man is here to see him. Simon says that he underestimated you and didn't expect you to make it this far. Make your way to the Pocket Circuit Stadium and speak with Hideki start the race. Return to Erran-kun and give him the sneakers. The following substories become available after your first encounter with Mr. Shakedown when your objective is to head home. You'll know when you find him; he's wearing a bright purple jacket. Reward: Fur Belly Warmer (Accessory), Masochistic Man (Security Guard), Ayu Sakurai's Gandhara VideoTowards the south of Pink Street North, you'll see a dominatrix standing over a man. Accept his offer, but unfortunately for you, the battery is dead. Starting Point: SunshinePrerequisites: This substory triggers automatically once you complete all of Mana's special training. Once it's over, this substory will end and you'll unlock him as a friend. This ends the substory. Talk with him and he asks you to distract the crowd while he goes to the bathroom. Upon arrival, Kiryu walks up to the girl who matches Maria's description, but upon closer inspection, she's nothing like he imagined! After the scene, the substory ends. Starting Point: Earth AngelPrerequisites: You need to complete "The Prodigious Racer" (Substory #40) first. Starting Point: Sotenbori StreetPrerequisites: None. After defeating him, you'll watch a scene, after which this substory will end. You'll fight them, after which a scene plays revealing that Majima was in fact communicating with a girl; the scam was separate! If you've played the other Yakuza games, you'll know how to respond, but if not, just look below for the correct answers. Make your way to the south side of Sotenbori Footpath for the next scene. There is some luck involved, so keep trying and you'll eventually win. These thugs claim they were the ones behind the writing, revealing that it was just a scam. It is, although she's nothing like Kiryu imagined. Upon arrival, Kiryu notices a woman in red, but upon closer inspection, she's old! 100% Upvoted. After you successfully win over Maria in the telephone club minigame (refer to  Call Me for more information), she will agree to meet up with you. Starting Point: Sotenbori Street EastPrerequisites: None. Accept his challenge, and upon defeating him, this substory will end. is a character from Yakuza series, making his debut on the first Yakuza game as the main protagonist. The following substory becomes available after giving the homeless people some alcohol. If you complete "Stadium Jumper Strut" (Substory #58), you'll receive the Encounter Finder accessory which will mark his location on your map, making him easier to find. Majima and Youda are worried about Yuki being conned, so they tail her to make sure the man she's meeting with is an upstanding gentleman. The girl is being harassed by some men who are attempting to kidnap her, so Majima steps in to fend them off. You'll be approached by an employee, and once the conversation is over, the substory will end and you'll unlock her as a friend. To Kiryu's disbelief, it's not a meal, but an actual live one! Many times, you'll have to go up.. Afterwards, you'll have to go back to where you fought Ryuki (near Magutako) to help him out with the kids looking for revenge. Starting Point: Maharaja SotenboriPrerequisites: You need to complete "Disco Transformation" (Substory #67) first. A man will start threatening Sachiko, so beat him up and then she agrees to shut down her burusera ring, ending this substory. Accept her challenge and you'll have to beat her on any of the difficulties. After this, head back inside Shellac and the bartender tells Kiryu that the last time he saw Kasuga was when you two were drinking together, which makes Kiryu feel uneasy. Reward: (There is no fixed cash reward)Similar to Kamurocho, you'll find Mr. Shakedown's wandering around Sotenbori. Next, you go to meet with Sayuri. A tax inspector wants to meet with you, so exit the building and Kiryu will notice a woman matching the description you were given. Head on back to Pink Alley once again and you'll see Kasuga on the floor. Accept his offer and he'll explain how he's in love with the girl in the video and he'd like you to find her for him. Interact with the queue again and the old bag will cut in front of you, but this time with a friend. Starting Point: Children's ParkPrerequisites: You need to complete "I am Kazuma-kun" (Substory #36) first. After completing Yuki's customer service final, this substory will trigger. Yakuza 0 is a prequel game in the action-adventure series set in the cities of Japan. Starting Point: Taihei BoulevardPrerequisites: You need to complete "Miracle on Tenkaichi Street" (Substory #12) first. I had no problems with playing the dark souls games with m/k, is this less optimized? Starting Point: Shot Bar STIJLPrerequisites: None. After heading downstairs and talking with the homeless guy, use your new ability by pressing  and he'll let you inside (you need at least ¥100,000 on you). Accept the challenge and just beat him in a song (on any difficulty). Refer to the list in substory #25's description to see all of the choices that lead to the announcer reading them out. If you win, she promises to give you her most important possession. You must play until you reach a game over screen (quitting won't work). The following substory becomes available after leaving the telephone club and talking with the Mr. Libido (the guy in his underwear). The following substory becomes available after searching for weapons at The Dragon & Tiger Sotenbori and collecting the items found. Choose to shove them aside, although this doesn't go as planned. After the fight, Majima will try the phone, but once again it doesn't work. Refer to. I cant say anything about it without spoilers. will appear over Shellac, so head back inside for another scene. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on … After this guy is done creeping out Kiryu, he'll ask you to show him more cards in the future, before running off to do whatever it is he does. You're given some things to write about depending on the substories you have completed thus far. This also allows you to do more training with him in the future. Once you beat Ogita, you can either praise or insult him. Starting Point: The Champion DistrictPrerequisites: None. Come to his rescue and you'll finish this substory. Thanks to your distraction, Marui finally uncovers the incriminating evidence on Maguro. This unlocks him as a friend and ends the substory. This will complete the substory and you're now able to buy items from this merchant whenever you please. Speak to the boy again who's not far from where you spoke to him the first time and you'll be tasked with getting his video game back. Yakuza 0 is an unapologetically explosive, bombastic, and absolutely fabulous adventure in the shining lights of 80’s Japan and with the sheer amount of content in this game per the price itself, it is a must for fans of open world games. Long story short, you find out the man she went to meet with wasn't her boyfriend but actually her dad! The poster describes some drug test work that Majima can volunteer for which offers a large cash reward. Reward: Encounter Finder (Accessory)Near the entrance to Sotenbori Footpath East, you'll find a man on the floor. Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. It doesn't matter what you choose here as you need to pick them all anyway. Starting Point: Hotel DistrictPrerequisites: None. Akatani is back, so go and speak with him again. Kazuma Kiryu(桐生一馬,Kiryū Kazuma?) Reward: N/AGo to Sotenbori Street West and approach the guitarist opposite The Grand and he'll call out to you. Reward: N/AJust outside SEGA HI-TECH LAND on Sotenbori Street East, you'll see a girl standing around. After this, he challenges you to a race. This guide aims to explain some basic rules and strategies to help players unfamiliar with Mahjong. Can I Run Yakuza 0. Follow the exclamation marks on the map to reach the conclusion. appears on your map and then return to the takoyaki stand. Prove her wrong by beating her and this will end the substory. Starting Point: Sugita BuildingPrerequisites: You must defeat both the Leisure King and the Electronics King in Real Estate Royale first. Defeating her will end this story.I would recommend this setup: Super Low Profile Tires, Balanced Frame, High Torque Motor 2.0, Godspeed Gears Plus, High Speed Battery, and the Side Stabilizer 3.0. This is one of many mini-games in Yakuza 0. This can be quite hard and there is a certain amount of RNG involved (her score can vary wildly). Sachiko is the girl with long black hair, wearing a blue scarf. Starting Point: Mach BowlPrerequisites: None. Then you'll be asked a series of questions. Once you've done that, exit the building and then re-enter. The purpose of this guide is to explain how to complete the 100 substories and ways to raise all of the friendship gauges found in Yakuza 0 in the best possible way. But that’s not how you want to play a hardcore Japanese crime game. Starting Point:  Gandhara SotenboriPrerequisites: None. Simon requests that you bring him a Tourmaline. Return to the boyfriend and give him the forger's business card. After the time runs out, it will send you back to the "Insert Credits" screen. Then a hooligan will approach the merchant which is when it becomes clear that the mushrooms he's selling aren't of the illegal kind. report. After defeating him and watching the scene that follows, the substory will end and you'll now be able to train with Bacchus. Talk to him and accept his request to help with the zombie shoot.The next part of this substory can be rather annoying on the higher difficulties. It doesn't matter which one you pick, so if you're not very confident, just pick easy. The password is "Subotenuhigeukiro". Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This will trigger a scene where Majima notices a man using a shoulder bag phone who offers you a chance at giving it a try. Location: Chapter: Reward: Teltel Boys Club: 5 - Head to the Teltel Boys … Afterwards, the chef will talk with you, ending this substory and unlocking him as a friend. It seems someone didn't appreciate Majima's singing and he will start a fight with you. After completing the course she has set up, you'll finish the substory and now you'll be able to train with her. Mina will admit that she's been selling her used underwear, but she can't stop because of Sachiko. After being guilt tripped, Kiryu decides to go through with getting him a magazine.The next part requires some Metal Gear Solid-style stealth to avoid being seen purchasing the magazine from the vending machine. Starting Point: Shichifuku StreetPrerequisites: None. After Koshimizu leaves, Kiryu notices that he forgot his bag and head out to find him. He'll explain that how he really needs a necklace for his girlfriend, but they're all sold out, so he needs you to go get a fake one for him. Later on, you'll be offered another choice. Accept the request and head over to Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street. More eyeballs on Yakuza 0 is only a good thing though. Part of the reason it took so long is the lack of many in-depth guides online. becomes available after leaving The Grand when your objective is to meet Lee outside Majima's apartment. If you answered correctly, the barkeep will return and mentions how Majima did a good job handling the customers. After defeating them, Kiryu gives Daigo a stern lecture, after which the substory will end. Reward: N/AAfter fulfilling the prerequisites above, enter the Sugita Building and a scene will trigger. This time you'll find the mother alone, so go speak with her. Starting Point: Maharaja SotenboriPrerequisites: You need to complete "Party at Maharaja" (Substory #66) first. Reward: N/AEnter Maharaja Kamurocho and make your way to the bar to trigger an event. Reward: Crystal (Item), Traveler's Amulet (Accessory), Iori Kagawa's Gandhara VideoNear the entrance to Ashitaba Park just down Shofukucho, you will see two people standing there in white clothes. Thanks to Kiryu nudging Koshimizu in the right direction, Marina has no objections to hiring him, making it your first successful interview. He tells you that his dream is to cross the bridge without getting beaten up, and he wants you to help make this a reality Accept his request, and after the conversation, you'll have to escort him across the bridge.This can be rather tricky on the harder difficulties. He tells Majima that he's about to be killed and he wants you to save his life. Interact with her and hand over a health item. Starting off in series familiar location Kamurocho, Kiryu, a junior member of the Dojima family, gets blamed for a debt collection that ended in murder. Talk to the merchant and go after the guy who left and ask him to tell you the password. Approach him and Kiryu asks to come in and see Miracle, but he refuses and you get into a fight with him. I would recommend this setup: Spiked Tires, Balanced Frame, High Torque Motor 2.0, Balanced Gears, High Speed Battery, and the Side Stabilizer. Exit the park to the Buzaemon Outdoor Mall and go south. Reward: Areshi  (Breaker Ability Master)Go to the alley near the south of Shofukucho West and you'll find three brightly dressed guys standing there. He thanks you and runs off again. After an unnecessarily long conversation dancing around the fact, what this basically amounts to is that he'll allow you to exchange money between the two main characters. This ends the substory. Enter Earth Angel in the Champion District and a scene will trigger. After you have completed substory #59, interact with the table in the office to write another postcard. I would recommend using the Slugger battle style here because it handles multiple enemies well. Select the Samba Dancer agent since the Tourmaline is her guaranteed find, meaning you'll obtain this weapon at the end of the search no matter what. Hello, this is Dashi with another long guide! Defeating him will end the substory. This Yakuza 0 Substories Guide - Kazuma Kiryu focuses on the main characters Substories and side quests and provides information pertaining to the location and any other valuable intel. Reward: Miss Tatsu (Beast Ability Master)After you meet Tatsuane and learn the Destroyer style, take a taxi to Tokyo: Pier and speak with her there. Simply hand something over to finish this substory; it doesn't matter what. You can only do this one at a time. Check below for the correct answers. Refer to the list in substory #59's description to see all of the choices that lead to the announcer reading them out. Approach him and he'll call out to you and says that someone is waiting for you in the Yoshida Batting Center, so go inside for an event. Starting Point: Pocket Circuit StadiumPrerequisites: None. After completing Ai's customer service final, this substory will trigger. You can try as many times as you need to. He thanks you, but before you're able to use the phone, some punks come over and knock Idozuka to the ground. The following is IGN's guide to the substory A Mother's Touch in Yakuza 0. Approach him for a scene, then a man from the ring shows up and starts a fight with you. Enter the Sugita Building after defeating the Electronics King and the phone will ring. Approach him and he'll tell you that he's been watching this girl because he believes it's his daughter who he hasn't seen in 15 years. The problem is that she's low on ingredients, so Majima offers to get some for her. EDIT: YAKUZA 0 to clarify. You'll have a fight with her pimp, and after the scene, the substory will end. Getting rich is easy, but everyone wants in on the action. There are will be three waves of enemies you need to defeat when under the effects of different drugs. You'll see two guys standing there, and getting close to them will trigger a scene. Reward: Kamoji (Rush Ability Master)As you approach Shichifuku Parking Lot (on Shichifuku Street East), you'll be stopped by Kamoji who will explain how his challenges work. One possible connection you can make is with Sayuri. The hot-blooded main protagonist of the Yakuza series. They tell you to go challenge Ogita, the best dancer in Kamurocho. Clear up the little misunderstanding, and after a few scenes, the substory will end.

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